Mabel (C.E.O.)

Mabel Michelle Fisher

Daddy’s exploits his 20-hour old baby’s ability to make a fist.

Mabel was brought into this world on the 2012 summer solstace, which is also the same day Lebron James won his first NBA championship and the 65th birthday of both Michael Gross and Meredith Baxter-Birney, which I thought was a misprint, but it turns out, is not. She enjoys breast milk and her swing and dislikes when daddy hits her head on the car seat.

Mabel was born, as all babies are, against her will, but seems to be enjoying her life outside of the womb so far. And yes, she was partly named after the child in Mad About You because her parents (daddy) are freakishly big fans of the show. She spends her nights sleeping in her swing with Mr. Giraffe and her days hanging out with daddy and being adorable for everyone to see. She enjoys having her life unfold on the internet for all to see, or at least she doesn’t have the ability to tell daddy how inappropriate she thinks it is yet.

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