Hey! I wrote a book!

The creative mind who brings you stories, essays and anecdotes on a painfully erratic schedule at daddyneedsanap.com now brings you a book which you can read as sporadically as YOU decide!

Special $9 Father's Day Discount!!

For orders placed before June 19

Because I'd rather not just give the thing away - and honestly, I'm not really in this to make money anyway - I'm going to charge $9 with FREE SHIPPING for all orders of Daddy Issues placed by Sunday, 6/19/16. If you order the book by this date, I can guarantee you will receive it before Father's Day 2017. If you want to give it to that special dad in your life this year, you may want to click that button ASAP. This book makes a great gift for all fathers, mothers, lovers of humor, athletes, food bloggers, porcupines, and children of all ages. (LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE!!)

The eBook is now officially available on Kindle for only $2.99. No, that's not a misprint. Click here to get your copy instantly!

The Audio Book is available on iTunes, Audible.com and Amazon. All of them are different prices for some reason, ranging between $1.99 and $6.95. That's not a misprint either. Choose your poison.

Take a Peak

Not sure if you'll like it?
Check out a few pages first.

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