Daddy’s First Father’s Day Card

"I wish my dad played golf so I could get him a Father's Day card." - Unknown

“I wish my dad played golf so I could get him a Father’s Day card.” – Unknown

I got my first Father’s Day card in the mail Wednesday from my Nana and I honestly didn’t see it coming. Yes, I’m in a show for Father’s Day (maybe you’ve heard?) and already have plans for the day (kinda), but I completely forgot other people know that I’m a dad and I might actually receive recognition as such. Maybe it’s because the CEO’s first birthday is the following Friday and I’m all geared up to receive presents and cards (do babies get cards?) for her that I ceased to remember that I have a day of recognition coming up too, even if I did feel like “Every day is Father’s Day” or some nonsense like that. Which I don’t. At least not enough to turn down a day off.

So it felt good. Not just to get a card of recognition for having inseminated my wife two years ago, and not even because I feel like I’m doing a good job as a dad, but it felt good that I didn’t even see it coming – that I didn’t think so much of my job as a dad that I expected anything. Of course, now that the gate has been opened, I do have some expectations. So the next card might not be met with such reverence as this one. So thanks, Nana, for starting my Father’s Day off on the right foot. You win. I win. Mabel wins. Pretty much everybody wins. Except Jenn. Because she has to take care of Mabel and plan her party while I go hide in a movie theater all day.

Happy Father’s Day to me!

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  1. Thank you for chatting with me yesterday at the park. It was quite refreshing to see a dad who wasn’t constantly telling me that he’s still working and makes his work the standard of his manhood. It was also very nice to see that you didn’t mince words on your blog about the hard work and frustrations of being a stay-at-home dad.

    Give me a ring whenever you feel like it. Whatever it’s on your mind, feel free to share it. Peace be with you.

    Alexis Gutierrez

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