I’m In A Book Reading and On the Radio! (again)

Happy New Decade everybody! I apparently decided to start out the 20s with a bang. I will be reading exceprts from Daddy Issues at a book signing event and was interviewed for a radio show airing on WAMU’s All Things Considered. You can read OR listen to the 4-minute piece on the WAMU website. Or you can just call me and I’ll tell you all about it. I was interviewed for over an hour and that was condensed into two audio clips totaling about 13 seconds. And honestly, I probably just repeated the same 13 seconds worth of information for an hour anyway. You’d know that if any of you would call me. But at least there’s a decent pic of me supporting my Eagles taken just after they clinched the division and published just after they were eliminated. But she wanted it to be authentic and I couldn’t find my Hulkamania tank top.

100 copies of the same book

And equally or even possibly more exciting – depending on if you’re into hearing me for 13 seconds or 13 minutes – is that I’ll be reading excerpts from my book Daddy Issues (no, I didn’t write another one) at an event for the Cheverly Writers group on Friday, January 17th at 7pm. And in preparation for the event, I ordered another 100 copies of the previously sold out book, which you can now buy again (well, YOU won’t buy it again, but you CAN buy it again is the point). And you can do that either via mail and pay the man to bring it to you, or via coming to the event, and save the $4 to put toward another copy of my book for that dad in your life who likes (or desperately needs) to laugh. And this time, it won’t be at you. Unless this happens to be my daughter in the future. Then they’re definitely laughing at you.

So please come to My Dead Aunt’s Books on Friday, 1/17 @ 7pm to listen to some local authors and learn something and maybe even be entertained. There will be a violinist opening the event and three of us authors from the Cheverly Writers group, who all happen to be sharing some nonfiction work. I will have copies of my book which retails for $12 being sold for the low low price of $10. That way, I don’t have to give anybody change! And if all you have is a $20, lucky you – you just got another copy of my book! Now you can read it twice! For more on the group and the event, check out the Cheverly Writers website.

Thanks for reading! I promise I’ll get back to actually talking about the kids soon enough, because I just made them a tire swing for Christmas and I should talk about them a little before they plummet 15 feet to their death.

Mabel and Morris on the 2019 Christmas death trap

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