Daddy Issues: I Need Help!

So I’m writing a book. A collection of essays on being an at-home dad, some of which have been featured here and the Huffington Post and the Good Men Project and some other sites and print publications. But now I need your help. And I need it fast because this thing goes to print Monday. Sorry for the short notice, but inDesign and the Oxford comma has fried my brain.

Anyway, I need your advice on two things: the section headings the cover design. If I choose to use your section headings, I will give you a FREE copy of the book, possibly signed by Mabel, but I can’t promise anything in that regard. She may just throw some pineapples in it. The two sections are during pregnancy and after pregnancy. But those are boring titles. I need something short and preferably witty – possibly a play on words as I’m a sucker for them. Sentiment is also welcome in place of humor (or with humor). Really, everything is still on the table. Here are some possibilities so far:

Anxiously Awaiting – Anxiously Awaking
Guess What? – Now What?
The Longest 40 Weeks – Now and Forever
2 Minutes and 40 Weeks – From Now On
T Minus 9 Months – Blast Off!

John Sears, my old college roomie, drew up this awesome little guy and I want to make sure I do him justice with the cover design. My three favorite choices are below, one very minimalist, one with my daughter drawing on it, and one that combines the other idea I had for a design with the fun little guy. What do you all think?

Daddy Issues Cover Design Plain

Daddy Issues Cover Design Plain

Daddy Issues Cover Design  with Crayon

Daddy Issues Cover Design with Crayon


Daddy Issues Cover Design  with Running Text

Daddy Issues Cover Design with Running Text

So there they are. I’ve heard mixed reviews on the first two and just made the third one about two hours ago. Your input, as potential consumers and friends and random internet passers-by is very valuable. But I’m not paying for it. Unless you give me those damn section headings. Thanks for playing everybody. I promise once this thing is turned in next week, I’ll start telling you all about Mabel again. Which is really why you’re here.

12 thoughts on “Daddy Issues: I Need Help!

  1. At first I thought the crayon one was strange, but after looking at the 3 options several times, I kept going back to that one. It definitely think it is different and catches your eye, from a cover standpoint. And I think a child’s scribble over an adult’s work is something most parents experience/relate to. #2 is my vote!

    • Thanks, Stacey. And honestly, I noticed most parents prefer the one with the crayon. And if I have a target demographic, that’s it. Thanks for the comment!

  2. For the headings, I can only think of these:

    Hungry Wife – Hungry Life
    Why is She Crying? – Why am I Crying?
    The Eye of the Storm – Hurricane!
    Sleepy-eyed – Sleep Deprived

    Hope at least one of these sounds good! For the cover, I really like the middle one with your daughter’s drawing on it. That just adds more character and depicts the stay-at-home, unpredictable life.

    Good luck with the book!

    • I have gotten many of the same feelings about the cover design, but hearing more helps to reinforce that decision. Thanks.

      And I’m still not in love with anything as far as the headings are concerned. I’m also worried that it’s too late in the game to do something too cute for fear that it will sound good at the moment but I’ll hate it in a week when the newness of the joke wears off. Thanks for the input nonetheless.

    • Thanks! I also like those two headings, but now I’m afraid of going too cute with these things. Ugh. But I really appreciate the input on both accounts! 🙂

  3. Build a Crib — Build a Bear
    Can’t Hardly Wait — Can’t Hardly Wake
    She’s Pushing — I’m Pushing (like a stroller?? I dunno)

    • Haha. Thanks Kristy, for all five of your entries. I would lean toward Can’t Hardly Wait and Can’t Hardly Wake, much like the Anxiously Awaiting and Anxiously Awaking play on words. Maybe there’s something in there with “wait” and “wake” that if I thought about for another year and a half I’d be able to appreciate. But right now, I’m just not feeling anything creative. Maybe I’ve burnt out my brain on N dashes an M dashes to the point where the creativity is still there, but its all been picked dry and I’ll need to wait until the next harvest to understand anything funny.

      Or something like that. Either way, thanks. Always a pleasure. 🙂

  4. I like #1 or I mean, #2. I like all THREE. Wait, which Monday and more importantly how do I coerce this “Justin Sears” into drawing for! I pay in video games and cross-promotion to all four of my readers! Dude’s great, your site’s great, whatever you decide for your book (have decided? Late to yet another party and I haven’t even Listerine’d yet. Hmph) will be great. Can’t wait to buy it. Off to read some more of your stuff. Thanks for having me!

    • Thanks, Mike, for your rather panicked response. To answer your questions in the order which I deem necessary, last Monday, though I can still make last minute changes until I declare it finished and send the FINAL COPY to the printer this Thursday (4/17); the coercion of Mr. Sears can be quite difficult – first you must go to film school with him for four years, then you have to get his name correct, good luck!; I have decided, but as I mentioned earlier, I can and already have changed my mind on some stuff, but that ends THIS THURSDAY.

      Thanks for stopping by. My next post will probably have a cameo of you in there, as I want to address this kickstarter issue. I’ll contact you before quoting you, as I hear not doing that may get me skull-probed by the masses. When I get a minute (probably this Thursday night or sometime in June), I will be by your site too. Take care and keep up the dadding!

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