MabelCorp: Yearly Performance Review of Dustin Fisher

My daughter just celebrated her first birthday, which means it was time for my first yearly performance evaluation as a stay-at-home dad and C.O.O. of MabelCorp. Mabel performed the evaluation herself. Below is the transcript she sent to the HR department.

MabelCorp Performance Evaluation Form-1MabelCorp Performance Evaluation Form-2MabelCorp Performance Evaluation Form-3I think I’ll log onto and just poke around there a bit.

10 thoughts on “MabelCorp: Yearly Performance Review of Dustin Fisher

    • Thanks, Rob! The idea was born when I realized that I wouldn’t have any feedback about whether or not I was doing a good job. Well, any direct feedback anyway. And I see you also have a blog with two followers. If you figure out the secret to getting to double digits, let me know. 🙂

  1. This is absolutely brilliant! I sympathize with just about every one of these, but especially the nap consolidation, and asking strange women if you can go to their house. Hah! It’s so true.

    Hats off to you on the Excel-style presentation as well. Excellent choice.

    • Thanks, Brian. If we’re to look at this stay-at-home thing as a profession, I feel we should be held just as accountable as in any other profession. Even if our boss is largely incapable of giving us feedback in the traditional sense. Though I have had supervisors with a similar communication style.

      And you might as well use the tricks you know, you know? OK, back to the library.

    • I had to take a break from it on occasion because it got too real and started to piss me off. So no, it isn’t weird. And thanks!

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