Baby Knows Basketball

Congrats to Mabel, who came in 4th of 27 in our Tournament Challenge pool, beating daddy and mommy and finished in the 79th percentile nationwide, proving that any idiot picking up random blocks to fill out their bracket has just as good a chance as anybody else.

And my daughter will beat that idiot four out of five times.

babys first bracket 2

2 thoughts on “Baby Knows Basketball

  1. Way to go, Mabel! What a smarty pants. I once won first place in a march madness pool against lots of people because I picked teams based on the states I liked. I was told after the pool started that the numbers next to the states/schools were actually seeds/rankings! I had no idea. And now that I know this info, I can’t win a pool or come close!

    Maybe next year, you can hire Mabel out to pick people’s brackets. Good luck, girlie 🙂

    • That’s a good idea. But I’m going to let her pick her own again next year and daddy and mommy will have to figure something out. If you want, maybe Laura and Mabel can pick against each other next year. In fact, we can have an entire baby/toddler division! I need to think about this a bit more.

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